We Owe Humanity πŸ‘Ά

Date Published
April 3, 2023

We Owe Humanity πŸ‘Ά

I am unsure if very few people concur with this, but it is certain that very few people see it coming: we are growing weary of social networks. Our physical, mental, and emotional energies are being depleted. There is no more added value, or any value worth taking notice of to be honest. Future generations are becoming more entitled and more impatient, and those behavioral changes barely scratch the surface of what is really coming if we don’t take notice soon.

Children are being exposed to harmful content that has an immediate impact on their wellbeing, safety, self-esteem, self-love, and self-confidence. Some of them are even helping raise a rude, vulgar, disrespectful and foul-mouthed generation. If you have kids with iPads or access to any screen time, you will know what I am referring to.

This is largely due to the norm and standards social networks have established in our lives. I am referring to all social networks: Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Tiktok, in addition occasionally to LinkedIn and Twitter.

Social networks, which once disrupted the media, communications, and a handful of other industries, will ultimately be disrupted themselves. In the end, it is not the "fittest" or "toughest" that will survive; rather, I believe that the future social network pioneer will be the one who contributes genuine value to human lives.

We need to move forward, we need to continually create tools and use technologies in ways that lift us and not regresses us back to harmful, shameful, and weaker norms and lifestyles.

We owe it to our children and further generations. We owe it to humanity.

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