Discipline Fuels Success πŸ’ͺ

Date Published
October 24, 2022

Discipline Fuels Success πŸ’ͺ

This morning I woke up and felt my belly, I have definitely gained a few grams. I don’t know where this extra fat has come from, I exercise almost everyday, I consider myself a very active person, and my favorite foods in order or preference are pizza, burgers, and sushi.

I decided to cut carbs completely from my diet for a month. I have done it before, I lost 8kg.


I am almost done with the books I have to read and my meticulous-virgo-OCD-driven schedule has reading time penciled down three times a week. I went book shopping. I got confused, anxious, and lost between four books I really found interesting from reviews, achievements, and testimonials. I purchased all four.


I often either have a good day or a bad one. I either feel happy throughout a certain day, or if I woke up on the β€œwrong side of the bed”, I often walk through life’s chores and duties on that day with a big frown imprinted on my face. I am not bipolar, but I am definitely either up or down at any given time.


So what am I getting at? Honestly, I dislike this about me. The upside is that I understand myself, I am not impulsive, I am at peace with my feelings, I am often in complete control of my thoughts and feelings, especially in downhill situations, but I really dislike being either a ying or a yang and keep swinging the pendulum.

I noticed during lockdown [seems ages ago] that this must change and I stumbled upon this quote: β€œdiscipline fuels success”. I stayed with it a few days and then realized that I don’t need to alter my mood, what I do need is more discipline. The more I discipline myself, the more I discipline my emotions, thoughts, and actions, but especially emotions, the more I have clarity, and the more I have clarity, the more I can achieve.

Success here comes in many flavors, it might be achieving being in the moment when playing with my kids, achieving joy listening to a song or achieving happiness while reading a book, or success at more crucial matters such as controlling my mind and feelings to be able to work and perform at my job more efficiently and productively.

Discipline fuels Success.

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