It’s Not You 🫵

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December 12, 2022

It’s Not You 🫵

I dislike posts, headlines, and announcements of “if you dream it, you can do it”, or “you can become whoever you want to be”. Those “encouragements” are technically wrong, and somehow manipulative.

What I do prefer to be said is: “if you believe in yourself, and if you overcome the fear factor, the unconscious bias, and the predispositions set by society; with the right technical skills and proper planning, you have a great chance at success.”

Yes, it isn’t as catchy and dreamy as the devious ones above, but it is true. Let’s go over a few questions that I believe should suffice as a checklist before taking any leap you aspire towards:

  1. Do you believe you have what it takes to make it a success? Are you that passionate about it?
  2. What are you afraid of? What is stopping you from taking the first step? What self “made-up” obstacles do you have to overcome? What false, hurtful, or discouraging narrative are you telling yourself? What daily routine should you adopt or cut off?
  3. What nonsense has “normalcy” made you believe? Think and think deep. Question everything. Who said you cannot start a business or launch an idea at a certain age? Who said people with certain backgrounds, race, religion, gender, etc… cannot have a shot at being what they want to be and achieving the success they desire?
  4. What predispositions has society set as ground rules that did not make sense thirty years ago and surely do not make sense now? I’ll give you examples: “you should work 9-5 and never think of having your own business.”, “a mother of two toddlers should not focus on her career and instead stay at home and raise the children.” What?!?! Who makes this up?
  5. What skills do you require to succeed? What books do you need to read, courses to take, videos and tutorials to watch? What planning should you do? And sometimes, surely, what experience should you have to confidently embark on this step?

I can gladly say, the above applies for starting your own business, switching careers, or even starting a new hobby or learning a new skill.

I believe the world, entertainment, society, politics, religion, schools, communities, and sometimes even company cultures, have infested our minds and belief systems with false, discouraging, fearful “unrealities” and sugar coated them with, what seems to be on the surface, encouraging phrases.

Know this, it’s not you, it’s the predispositions you make yourself believe that are stopping you.

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