But, the data! 😲

Date Published
October 17, 2022

But, the data! 😲

Ok, before we start, I need to set two things straight: If science proves it, I believe in it. If data validates it, i trust it, but!

At the beginning on 2022 Russia had

  • 4.5x the amount of active personnel vs. Ukraine (900k vs. 196k)
  • More than double military personnel (2m vs 900k)
  • 5 times more armored fighting vehicles than Ukraine
  • 3 times the amount of artillery vehicles than Ukraine
  • 18 times the amount of air defense machinery
  • 10 times the army aircraft fleet
  • more than 20 times the amount of helicopters
  • 49 times the amount of submarines (Russia has 49, Ukraine has zero!)
  • 54 times the amount of navy aircrafts
  • 34 times the amount of logistics and army support vehicles (278 Russian vs. only 8 Ukrainian)
  • and 11 times the amount of annual army spending ($45B Russian vs. $4.2 Ukranian)

Since the start of the war, Russia has:

  • Lost almost five times as many tanks as Ukraine
  • Lost about four times as many units as Ukraine
  • More than a third of all equipment lost by the Russians was either abandoned by their forces or captured by the Ukrainians.

So what does this tell us? Is the data fraudulent? No! Are Merlin and Dumbledore siding with the Ukrainians? I don’t think it would be interesting enough for them. Is only assessing plain data on a CV more important than meeting and actually getting to know the potential recruit to explore his passion and grit? Will the 30 million views on a paid video ad yield actual conversions? You know by now where I am heading with this.

You see data is important. It is a vital indicator, but it barely scratches the surface. It is what is underneath, the true passion, willpower, bravery, courage, leadership, and acquired knowledge and wisdom that flips the formula to what would have been perceived early on as utter nonsense or even impossible.

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