Safe Space πŸ›Ÿ

Date Published
March 13, 2023

Safe Space πŸ›Ÿ

Have you ever dealt with a personal issue and then been judged at work for being distant the next morning? Have you ever experienced a health crisis and, as a result, been unsociable at work the following day? Has one of your children ever caused you such distress that you were unable to enjoy lunch with your coworkers? Have you ever received terrible news from back home that made you sick, but you were unable to request a sick leave?

We [humans] have a tendency to evaluate others based on their outward actions, behaviors, or attitudes. We tend to be "emotionally judgmental" if someone is frigid or distant, much less if they are typically a cheerful person.

However, we do not know what others are experiencing, do we? Just as we did not inform others of our adverse times because we did not want to be judged or labeled ourselves.

So, the next time you observe someone acting differently, distantly, or not speaking, do not judge. Say good morning, ask them if they are alright, and if they appear hesitant to answer or if they say they are fine, you may end the conversation there.

Sometimes people require space, but not just any space; they require a safe space. Be a safe space for someone this morning, and they will repay the favor when you are dealing with your own personal matters.

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