Need or Want? πŸ€”

Date Published
January 2, 2023

Need or Want? πŸ€”

We’ve all heard it: there is a difference between what we need and what we want.

What we need is valuable, essential to growth or continue, crucial to carry on a task or life mission, something we cannot live or carry on without.

What we want is more impulsive, emotional, irrational, β€œunneeded”, unimportant, can do without, something you would not want again in a week, in a day or later that same day.

But putting all physical objects aside whether we need or want them and thinking more deeply about life. What do we need or want in life?

We need true connections, true memories, to be surrounded by those who love us and add value to our lives, help us grow, mature, learn, be interested and interesting. Apart from the beautiful people we need to surround ourselves with, what else do we need? What do we need to make us happy, smile, content, relaxed, enriched, and full?

We need to dance, read a book, paint, draw, write, play, exercise, laugh, and always continue to learn and grow. Anything apart from that, I think, are things we want in a moment, because it’s cool, because its trendy, because its nice to have, because they have it or they are doing it or they are going there. But would that really add value to our life? Would that enrich us? Is that really something we need to leave whatever legacy we wish to leave behind? Is following or subscribing to other people’s definition of fun, happiness, good times, β€œwoke” lifestyle a good idea? It isn’t, you know it isn’t, and you know the next morning you more often regret it and feel emptier than complete and of value.

The question now is: what do you need to do to make this year a year of growth, maturity, happiness, adventure, and true, authentic memories? Think, dig, and continue peeling off the layers until you reach what you really need to make you whom you really would want to be and remembered as.

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