Make A List ☑

Date Published
December 19, 2022

Make A List ☑

I am the type of person that gets excited when I see the success in something. When I feel it, I know it. It might be a strategic ideation for a client, a creative initiative for a campaign, a new business idea, a blog post idea, or simply put, a piece of furniture my wife picked out for house. I get excited and jump on it like there’s no tomorrow.

But that hurts. Especially when the process is long and tedious. Especially when success isn’t instant, when the results aren’t in immediately, it hurts. It lowers my drive and slows my momentum and eventually i loose that “spark” that drove the interest, only because it has become just another “to-do item” on the “to-do list”.

But I think I just might have found a hack to keep the excitement running while the project drags along. Make a list! Breakdown the project, and celebrate the small wins. What if that same project can be tens -or even hundreds- of smaller projects whereby each can be celebrated relatively?

I am quite aware that I did not invent this centurial invention, but boy does it work well with me. Make a list! Break it down as detailed as possible, no detail is a silly detail, no detail does not deserve its own checkmark or cross-off. Work in increments to cross-off few tasks an increment and celebrate the accomplishments.

You will feel good, you will feel successful, you will accomplished and most of all, you will still feel excited and energized for the next batch! Make a list!

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