It’s Your Lucky Day 🍀

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April 10, 2023

It’s Your Lucky Day 🍀

For those of us who are informed about astrology, we know that the “luckiest day” of this year, 2023, is going to be tomorrow, April 11th. That is because it is when Jupiter is in the heart of the sun -referred to as a cazimi- which only happens once a year. It’s a great day to initiate a plan, idea or project dear to your heart, pursue a passion, have an important conversation and even do what you love. Everyone will feel it, it’s not exclusive to one zodiac sign.

Now, today’s Bulb💡 is neither about the luckiest day of the year nor astrology, but it is in fact about luck. Some people believe in the works of pure luck, others believe in hard work but also in the fact that luck does exist, and some believe in the nonexistence of luck completely and that only hard work and perseverance do it all. I believe it was Emily Dickinson that eloquently said “luck is not chance, it's toil; fortune's expensive smile is earned.”

The trendy saying goes like this “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” But the real thing to look at here is opportunity. Opportunity on its own is luck. Some of us get one, a couple, plenty, or none at all of opportunity in their lifetime. We are born at different times, in different countries, to different families; we are exposed to different beliefs and education growing up. Some meet the love of their lives at the doctor’s waiting room, some meet the businessman that will offer them a job of a lifetime at a friend’s party. We could have never been able to control or plan or choose any of the above. So how is that not luck? Some call it fait. You can call it whatever feels comfortable to you, it doesn’t change the fact that we still could have never had a say in any of it, no hard work would have been able to alter any of the above.

But -you must have known there is a but coming- so what do we do bout it? If we have ambitions, aspirations, dreams, wants and needs, what do we do? I for one will not accept sitting down and waiting for my “dumb luck”! I acknowledge what I have and what I don’t, what I can control and what I cannot, but I also acknowledge what I can do; I can always work harder and keep trying and aiming for what for me is success; maybe one day I just might catch a glimpse of Ms. Opportunity and be prepared! A man once found a horseshoe on the ground and picked it up for good luck. A passerby asked him if he believed that horseshoes bring luck. The man replied, "Of course not, but I heard that it brings good luck whether you believe it or not.”

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