Time To Reevaluate ⏳

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March 27, 2023

Time To Reevaluate ⏳

Do you enjoy being ignored? Do you enjoy being ghosted? Do you like to be guilt-tripped? Do you like to be bullied? Do you like to be sidelined? Do you enjoy being forced to play the scapegoat? Do you enjoy being treated aggressively? Do you like to be vilified? Do you like to be misunderstood? Do you like being denied a chance? Do you like to be misjudged? Do you enjoy unjust treatment?

If you answered "no" to any of the preceding questions, then why do it to others? No one likes or enjoys being ignored, ghosted, guilt-tripped, bullied, sidelined, treated with aggression and disrespect, misunderstood or misjudged, deprived of the opportunity to express their values and expertise, or treated unfairly. So why do we do it?

Reply to that email! Answer that text message! Don’t hide behind a screen, be mature, and if you don't feel particularly generous or helpful, say so. No one is forcing you to participate in something you don't want to, but you wouldn't like it if someone ignored or ghosted you, would you?

Technology has made interpersonal communication so simple and effortless, but it has also redefined the definitions of unprofessionalism, private space, ghosting, and disregard. On the other hand, humans have become less empathetic and more dispassionate as a result of work and business hours; we often judge, misinterpret, or mistreat others just to pass the time and move on to the next task.

Put these two together, communication technology advancements and humans, without governance, and you’ve got a societal sociological ticking bomb.

Followers and social media klout have caused many to lose empathy and compassion for others. KPIs, targets, and objectives have relegated almost everyone in the business world to the sidelines and denied others the opportunity to demonstrate their value when the data disagrees. Who decided these data? How can judging others from behind a screen be considered any moral? Is posting few days a week, sometimes few times even on one day, about the ideal characteristics of business maturity, professionalism, business development, qualities of leadership, green fields, blue and red oceans, and then completely doing the opposite any morally acceptable? Apparently in today’s world, it is. The more technology advances without moral guidelines on how best to navigate it and maneuver its do’s and don’t’s, the more depressed and ironically disconnected we will become as a society.

There is a need for revision. There must be an adjustment. There must be a reevaluation of the sociological, psychological, and mental effects of technology and the ironic “disconnectivity” it has affected humans with.

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