Content or Context? πŸ€”

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October 10, 2022

Content or Context? πŸ€”

I always say context is more important than content, hear me out:

The dog was killed.

How did you take the news? Were you sad? Or were you glad? 90% of people will be sad, because most people love dogs and those who don’t love dogs, love animals in general, right? (By the way I totally made the 90% statistic up, don’t worry, even I believed and fell for it, more on that later).

Now how about these two scenarios:

Scenario 1:

While the dog was crossing the street, a speeding car raced by, hit the dog, causing it to instantly die.

Scenario 2:

A dog has been roaming around at night in the neighborhood and has already injured 4 children on separate occasions, one of whom is at the hospital in a critical condition, so the dog had to be captured and put down.

I am pretty confident you were sad at the first scenario and glad -or shall we say understanding- with the second. That is only because more context has been added to the recipe of content.

Context comes in several shapes and forms. It can be additional data, it can be substance to a product being sold, or relevant information on a marketing collateral of a service. It can even be a value actually being practiced by a brand and not just declared on the website.

The world, just like marketing, needs more context, substance, actual implementation of declarations. There is enough content and data for all humanity to consume through 3 billion years.

Note 1: All statistics in this Bulb are made up, but still relevant because the context is relatable.

Note 2: No dogs were harmed in writing this Bulb.

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