Let’s be honest 😎

Date Published
September 5, 2022

Let’s Be Honest

Are you a salesman who always faces consumers who keep on smiling, asking questions, seeming interested, but rarely close a sale? Well, that’s because people are not interested in what you have to sell. Why?

  1. Maybe its the cold calling
  2. Maybe its the awesome product you have
  3. Maybe its the timing
  4. Maybe you don’t seem interesting enough
  5. Maybe they already have an alternative


  1. Maybe they are not honest
  2. Maybe they don’t have the courage to say “no thanks”
  3. Maybe they don’t want to risk upsetting you because they have issues
  4. Maybe they don’t believe its worth their money
  5. Maybe they are simply are not interested

If people are more honest, clear, and direct in sounding out how they feel, products and services being offered to us might just get a bit better.


Don’t always blame the salesman, you have some inner homework to do as well.

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