The Only 3 Content Objectives Your Brand Should Focus One

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October 28, 2022

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The Only 3 Content Objectives Your Brand Should Focus One

In every campaign whether for a personal brand or a commercial or government brand, content created for digital should always focus on one of three objectives: To increase brand affinity; sell more -and selling here can be in the form of services, products, or online KPIs such as clicks, downloads, and signups; or to grow -and by grow here I mean introduce something new, a new service, a new idea, a new product, or teach and/or entertain.

Content circulating around these three objectives: Brand, Sell, Grow, should go through the normal cycle of content creation: what is the target audience, what do I want to say, what do I want them to do, where do I want them to see my content, where do I want to lead them, and how am I going to do it, but more on that later.

In today’s article, I will go through these objectives in details to clarify the difference, importance, and moments of each use.

Objective 1: Increasing Brand Affinity

This involves lifestyle content. Here you would want to show why your brand suits the target audience. The more they relate to your brand in their daily lives, the more they will build positive emotions towards it.

You would want to focus on why your brand is a necessity in their life. Show them your way of thinking, your way of doing things, your values, your ethos, and your ethics. Content here should reflect your brand character and tone. You should promote transparency, your methodologies, probably some behind the scenes, and this can be either manufacturing, preparation, or corporate culture.

Such content reflects authority and establishes your brand as irreplaceable to the target audience within the industry you operate it.

Objective 2: Selling

Here the strength of your brand should stands out. Why are you better than competition, what are the benefits of your brand, product, or service, that makes it so reliable and needed not only wanted.

Here the power and influence of your brand are highlighted. Content can be dramatic and emotional, but also should often focus on practical and functional attributes of your brand.

Content on selling should sell, and nothing sells more than influential genuine emotion-led interest. Have your current and potential target audience interested in trying you out because you make them smile, you make their life easier, you make them feel smarter or more confident. Try not to sell the “what”, but the “why”.

Objective 3: Growing

Content on growing is all about traction. You want to attract more readers, viewers, buyers, customers, and clients. You want to ask them and be asked.

Content here should teach people something, entertain them and educate them. This content is to build a new audience, whether online or offline. Content should be transparent, be social proof, and extremely relatable to the acquisitions you seek.

This content should capture attention, intrigue those who haven’t heard from you before. It should make your existing online followers want to share and pass on your content since they feel proud to be part of your “community”. This content is partially engaging but mainly intriguing.

Polish Your Content

No matter what the objective is, who the target audience are, or where your content is being published, always remember to write good quality content, do not disrespect your audience. Interact with your audience and keep your content and branding consistent. Have it be always memorable. Be kind with your content, don’t hold back your true self or the brand’s true values, culture, or potential.

Always remember, social media and digital content amplify the truth, no matter how positive or negative your brand sentiment truly is.

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